Software Performance Testing

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Software Performance Testing

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We provide performance testing for software, mobile, and web applications determining their scalability, stability, and performance. Our long-term experience lets us provide our customers with high-quality testing services. To let you evaluate our professionalism, we are ready to offer a free trial period. We are sure that you will have got convinced of our competence by the end of the trial period.

Why do you need software performance testing?

Your application is slow

You expect a big influx of your app users

You want to check how work of your application under high load

You want to make sure that your application is able to restart quickly and save all data after going down

You want to measure performance compared to the old and new versions of the application

You are planning to go live soon and do not want to disappoint your clients with low app performance

How we work

Many providers of performance testing services hide the entire testing process. Our company is fully open, and we are ready to reveal the activities that we regularly carry out. So, in the process of performance testing we:

Cover as many simple API requests as possible

Run hundreds of thousands of API requests, either simultaneously or increasingly

Move solution to the cloud for simple running

Create complicated scenarios reproducing real user experience

Monitor servers during all tests

Use external machines to generate distributed high-load requests

Run simple threads with massive amounts of data

Generate reports with clear information about the system status

Standard testing process

As a rule, the following algorithm is used for the conduction of performance testing:


Analyze the backend structure of the application


Familiarize with the process


Create a scope of API requests for testing


Run API calls in 100/1000/10000 threads at the same time


Save and analyze test run results


Collect performance metrics

Results of Performance Testing

Insight into your application behavior when 100/1000/10000 users try to access it at once

Knowledge about the number of users that can access the application at once without loss in speed and quality

Understanding how your team should work in case of your app going down

Types of Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a type of software testing that checks the scalability, stability, and reliability of your application as it works beyond normal load conditions.

Load Testing evaluates app work in case of increasingly high numbers of users.

Stress Testingdetermines app behavior and response to extremely high volumes of traffic.

Scalability Testingchecks the ability of the app to handle increasing amounts of load and processing; it can be performed at a hardware, software, or database level.

Volume Testingchecks the ability of the app to handle vast volumes of data; it is especially useful for applications that deal with big data.



How quickly an application responds


The maximum load that the application can handle


The ability of the application to run smoothly under high load

Curious to know how fast and robust your application is?

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