Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing

Native, mobile-web, and hybrid apps will all be subjected to mobile testing to ensure that they meet all standards. These services perform numerous checks on a variety of devices, screen resolutions, operating systems, internet connections, and other factors.

It usually takes a few hours to publish an app on Google Play. It will be a few weeks for the App Store. Whereas the apps are being reviewed, we can’t say how long the faults will affect current and new users.

Using a high-quality mobile testing solution is crucial to the success of your amazing idea. That’s why you’ll need the assistance of an experienced mobile testing company that understands all of the process’s complexities and limitations.

The benefits of using Webly Infotech as a Mobile App Testing Company

We test mobile applications as much as web applications as an independent testing business. Because the mobile app industry is developing every year, testing mobile apps is a high priority. Hundreds of case studies for testing mobile applications in a variety of sectors are available through our company. Testing of Android applications, iOS applications, progressive web applications – we can cover all this with our automation and manual testing teams.

Instant access to a huge number of real mobile devices

No pain managing your own device set

The stable and structural testing process

Highly experienced mobile testing engineers who knows the specifics

Voiding violent backlash caused by defects

Improving the usability of your app

Mobile Application Testing Services We Provide

During Mobile App Testing We Check

Testing on various devices and operating systems

Different types of internet connections (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, offline mode)

Device specific actions (multi-touch or single touch, device rotation, shake, long press or tap, etc.)

Check app behavior with incoming calls/SMS

Permissions to access microphone and camera

The display of elements in portrait and landscape modes

Low signal strength

Ability to move the application to the memory card and vice versa

3rd party integration

Bluetooth on and off

App functionality in low battery and charging mode

App testing on mobile and tablets (as well as testing UI on different screen resolutions)

Compatibility of OS versions with the old/new SDK versions

We are happy to perform a test task to allow you to get a feel of working with us.

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