Automation Testing Services

Our automation testing services will enable you to considerably speed up and structure your testing operations, as well as provide you with accurate results.

Automation Testing Services

Software Testing Automation

Software Testing Automation is a software testing technique that entails controlling the execution of tests with specific software tools and then comparing the actual test results to the anticipated or expected outcomes.

This testing strategy eliminates the human aspect and saves man time by using frameworks and tools, as well as scripts, to speed up various processes. You will never miss any test cases that need to be checked with test automation.

Weblylab is a test automation company with many years of experience, and we are ready to provide our customers with the best approach on the market. We also provide one free QA report with limited bugs on a trial basis.

Why choose Webly Infotech for test automation

We focus on long-term cooperation and assurance in the superiority of the services we provide to our customers as a leading company in QA automation testing services. We can confirm our engineers’ skills and knowledge by undertaking a test task, and we can scale the team at any time.

We not only

  • Create the architecture
  • develop scripts
  • Set up the criteria

We also

  • Create atomic and dynamic scenarios
  • Embed tests into your continuous integration process.
  • Lower your automated testing responsibilities.

How We Work to Provide The Best In Class QA Automation Services

When working on test automation, the main features are the maintenance of reliable documentation of the entire process and regular and clear communication. In addition:

We used to do everything ourselves in terms of coding.

All Auto-tests are integrated with bug-tracking and test-case management systems (e.g. Jira, Shortcut and Trello)

Depending on the project, several technologies and programming languages are used.

Low-level testing (API).

To minimize time and boost efficiency, we use APIs and direct calls to the server.

The complex environment, which includes a multi-machine ecosystem.

Testing is carried out over a wide range of platforms, browsers, and devices.

Full-featured reporting system.

To optimize testing, we apply multithreading (parallel tests).

Continuous integration of testing into the build process.

Running tests in the cloud.

Test automation solutions that are all-in-one.

Pros of Automation Testing

Saves time for testing

Tests runs without human involvement

Tests run 24x7

Tests can be run at any time of the day or night

Code reusability

Create it once and execute multiple times

Easy reporting

Reports are generated after test execution


Eliminates the possibility of human error in the testing process

Low cost for maintenance

Cheaper in the long run than manual testing

The Problems with UI Test Automation

Automated testing is good and speeds up the release cycle, but it might cause problems for automation teams who aren’t well-trained.

Running time and stability are two of the most serious issues. This isn’t a problem with a few dozen tests in most circumstances, but it becomes a problem as your product grows and your test framework expands to hundreds. When they start failing at random and hinder timely releases, your team will get increasingly agitated because no one knows if the test application or the test suite has an issue.

Consider getting thousands of tests that take hours to complete. This takes time, and not everyone is persistent enough.

The reason behind automation tests failing


Incorrect test suite architecture


Test data is not compatible with the real one


Lack of continuous integration


Wrong selection of automation tools and/or frameworks


Basic automated testing abilities are lacking. Recording and playing back is insufficient in 90% of cases.


Regression test scripts used may not have evolved as the product changed


A possibly incomplete testing plan may not have included a GUI or had test functionality


Automated testing may have been carried out across the board, even on unsuited test cases


Automation may have been added as an afterthought rather than being part of the overall testing strategy

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